In 2019, the Brutalist Welbeck Car Park designed by Michael Blampied and Partners in the 1970s was officially sentenced to be demolished. In place of it was a plan for a new hotel in central Marylebone. The project proposes an alternative program to protect this space from being another entirely privatized property, especially because the area is well connected - main streets, public transportation and public services - and can foster a sense of community.
The proposal is to create vertical farm promote well-being through programs offered and its architecture. The entire building is meant to be accessible to the public, for gardeners and visitors alike. Visitors are only allowed to view the gardens from a distance. A mesh will cover whole building as there will be an indoor garden and will serve as a protection to visitors. There is also place for an outdoor market, where gardeners can sell their produce, outdoor seating spaces, a cafe connected to an auditorium (for educational programs) and locker rooms for the gardeners. The local elements from the Welbeck Car Park will be reused for the facade and as a gardening locker.
Detail of the joining of the mesh with the Welbeck facade
Detail of the addition of glass panels to the facade lockers
Axonometric showing the circulation within the building and surroundings
Massing diagrams for the building design
Side view of the facade
The Sky Garden covered by mesh on roof level
Lights will turn on in the evening, providing essential light source for plants and serve as a disco for visitors
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